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R600a – Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant Introduced

R600a (hydrocarbon or isobutene) is environmental friendly. It has zero ozone depletion potential ODP and a neglectible global warming potential GWP since R134a is less environmental friendly - has some effect in GWP.

Superior applications from performance point of view were developed (compressors) for R600a which can reduce the energy consumption with more than 20%. Superior energy classes A+; A++ can be achieved only with R600a. The compressor using R600a are substantially improved to have low noise emissions compare with similar applications using R134a.

It is accessible from economical point of view being a derivate of natural gasses – natural resources.

Usually in the cooling systems is used 45% less R600a than a similar system which use R134a – to obtain the same cooling capacity.

The current Rollex Models that utilise the new R600a refrigerant are PE357, PG907 and Pe507.

Why does Rollex recommend solid door models over glass door models?

Since we introduced purpose built vaccine refrigerators to Australia some 10 years ago, we have installed thousands of fridges in a huge variety of situations and conditions. This experience has led us to firmly believe that solid doors offer a better refrigeration option.

Here’s why

  • Better insulation – Glass door fridges are rated to 32°C ambient (or room) temperature. Solid doors are rated to 43°C. That means that if your room is warm – and consider when your air conditioning is switched off, solid doors are better.
  • Cold retention – Glass door fridges start to lose the cool very quickly once the power supply has been terminated (for whatever reason). Solid door fridges will retain the cool by a factor of 3 approx. That can often mean the difference between keeping or discarding stock.
  • Light impact – Some vaccines are light sensitive and solid door fridges do not have an interior light to impact on the stock.
  • Privacy – Many customers do not want their patients to see that there are drugs on display and increase the risk of theft or vandalism.

But everyone argues that glass doors allow you to see what you want first and therefore minimise door opening.

That’s true, but –

  • Most practices have a nurse in charge of the fridge, and they know where the stock is anyway.
  • The use of a fridge map can alleviate looking for stock.
  • Because of the insulation properties – the stock is kept within range longer.
  • Our fridges feature a rapid cool function, so even if the door is held open for a long time, the air temperature is quickly returned to range.

So, for a whole lot of practical reasons, we suggest that you consider a solid door for optimal vaccine storage. The good news is that they are also cheaper!

Underbench Models

Models Pe207 and Pg207: 82 litres

External dimensions (mm): 660H x 502W x 508D
Internal dimensions (mm): 541H x 448W x 373D
Packed dimensions (mm): 700H x 540W x 670D
Capacity (litres): 82
Power (watts): 149
Refrigerant: R134a
Unpacked weight(kg): 25
Packed weight (kg): 27
Storage Shelves: 2
Drawers: 1

Pe207: Solid Door Pg207: Glass Door

Model Pe507 and Pg507: 137 litres with R600a

External dimensions (mm): 863H x 558W x 600D
Packed dimensions (mm): 900H x 600W x 610D
Capacity (litres): 137
Power (watts): 170
Refrigerant: R600a
Packed weight (kg): 35.5
Storage Shelves: 3
Drawers: 1

Pe507: Solid Door Pg507: Glass Door

Freestanding Models

Model Pe907 and Pg907: 275 litres with R600a

External dimensions (mm): 1555H x 595W x 600D
Packed dimensions (mm): 1610H x 625W x 700D
Capacity (litres): 275
Power (watts): 176
Refrigerant: R600a
Packed weight (kg): 84
Storage Shelves: 5
Drawers: 1

Pe907: Solid Door Pg907: Glass Door

Model Pe357: 340 litres with R600a

External dimensions (mm): 1850H x 595W x 600D
Packed dimensions (mm): 1909H x 625W x 700D
Capacity (litres): 340
Refrigerant: R600a
Packed weight (kg): 88
Storage Shelves: 6
Drawers: 1

Pe357: Solid Door

Model Pe1607 and Pg1607: 441 litres

External dimensions (mm): 1688H x 685W x 910D
Internal dimensions (mm): 1175H x 553W x 697D
Packed dimensions (mm): 1810H x 770W x 950D
Capacity (litres): 441
Power (watts): 240
Refrigerant: R134a
Unpacked weight(kg): 130
Packed weight (kg): 140
Storage Shelves: 5
Drawers: 0

Stainless steel interior and lockable castors for easy positioning as standard.

Pe1607: Solid Door Pg1607: Glass Door
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